Price List

Mobile alterations service in the comfort of your own home in Lincolnshire or in our funky shop!

Home consultations are available, plus, in-house appointments are available at our studio in Newport Arch.

We provide home fittings to the county of Lincolnshire, from the Wolds to Gainsborough, Lincoln central and down to Boston.

Services include seam/hem adjustments, zip replacements, visible mending, and more!


First of all, congratulations! We provide a tailoring service so that we can help you to get the perfect fit for your wedding.

Special Occasions
We can alter your dresses/suits to help you feel extra special for your celebration whether you are a Bridesmaid, Best Man or attending your Prom.

Repair and Upcycle
We encourage our clients to reuse clothing where possible. We can replace your broken zips or tailor your second-hand garment to fit you.


Weekday fittings are available at £50 per fitting plus mileage. Weekend fittings and late evening fittings are available on request.

A deposit of £50 is due on booking an appointment with us to avoid cancellations.

We have last-minute appointments available for an extra fee of £200 (turn around within 7 days). To enquire about urgent alterations, please email


Shorten Hem:

for approx. 2 meters

  • Raw Cut Hem: £25
  • Rolled/Pin Hem: £50
  • Bound Edge: £60
  • Horse Hair Hem: £100
  • Lace Layer: £150-300

+with train, prices will vary.

Shorten Straps:

  • Plain: £35
  • Beaded: £50

Add Features:

  • Rouleau Loop Straps: £75
  • Sleeves: £80+
  • Draped Bow: £100+

Special Occasions

Shorten Hem:

for approx. 2 meters

  • Two layers: £50
  • +per extra rolled hem layer: £40
  • +per extra raw cut hem layer: £20

Take-in/Let-out seams:

per layer

  • Side seams: £45
  • Add dart in bodice: £30
  • Skirt slit: £20

Repair and Upcycle

Tailor Jackets:

  • Shorten Sleeves: £60
  • Shorten Hem: £50
  • Taper dart: £20

Tailor Skirts/Trousers:

  • Shorten Trouser Hem: £25
  • Shorten Blind Hem, unlined: £35
  • Shorten Blind Hem, lined: £50


  • Replace Zip: £40
  • Repair Tear: £10+