Meet the Team

women in door way of pink shop

Jessica Purdie, 28, Founder & Creative Director

“I’m technically an entrepreneur but I’m uneasy that word. I believe that a workplace should be playground for creatives to flurrish and have worked on building an environment that I feel that I don’t want to leave and hope that my colleagues enjoy it as much as I do. SO much so, that I don’t leave work and if there was a one-bed flat above the shop available, it would be mine.

I am happiest when I’m in work (lol), on top of a mountain hiking or listening to live music and when I’m performing either in a band or solo. I don’t like to feel bored so cannot spend a day infront of a TV.

In my spare time, I like to edit my website, find new places for hikes and restaurants/cafes to eat at or discover new artists/playlists. I make sure to update my adventures on social media as I really enjoy updating my stories like a diary for all to laugh at.”

women with measuring tape standing in front of mannequin

Rajani Limbu, 31, Seamstress

“I’m a working Mum of one (soon to be two), originally from the South of France where I worked in Bridal Couture. I started working with Prikli Pear in February 2023 and have seen our business grow, very fast.

I am happiest when I get time for myself to pamper, go on spa days without the kids and dogs (and husband). 

In my spare time, I like to go to cafes with Mum friends of mine.”

young girl smiling

Beth Smith, 21, Design Assistant

“I am in my third year studying Textile Design, specialising in Multimedia Textiles at Loughborough University and currently undertaking a placement year with Prikli Pear to gain work experience. 

I am happiest when being creative and love experimenting with different textile techniques, in particular, beading and hand embroidery. I’ve had a fab placement experience with Prikli Pear so far and have learnt valuable skills in social media, pattern cutting and teaching craft workshops. 

In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading and have recently learnt how to crochet.”


Woman with brown curly hair and a floral green dress.

Annabel Harry, 22, Marketing Assistant

"I assist in the marketing side of Prikli Pear and helping out in the shop and I also enjoy the creative workshops we run as a team.
I enjoy pottery, crochet and running in my spare time. I’m training for a marathon this year and love to craft in my recovery time."