Stitch & B*tch comes to Nettleham Community HUB

Stitch & B*tch comes to Nettleham Community HUB

We are excited to present Stitch & B*tch at Nettleham Community HUB from September this year.

Sitch & B*tch is a female creative networking group in Lincolnshire, supported and founded by Prikli Pear in February 2022 and first hosted at The Craftea Cafe. The group welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds to join its mission to bring like-minded women together to chat, make friends and create whatever you feel like creating.

Members who attend bring a mixture of projects during the evening from embroidery, painting, drawing, knitting – the list is endless! If you are a creative – this is something your talent welcomes.

Founder of Prikli Pear, Jessica Purdie, said, “I wanted to create a group where people could get together and not worry about what the room thought of them, it’s an opportunity to meet REAL people who will hopefully make an impact on individuals’ everyday lives. Gone are the days of rigid networking in suits. Stitch & B*tch is a creative safe space for those in our community. We don’t exclude any creative skill – bring your project and let’s hang out!”

Cat McNally, Business Administrator at Nettleham Community HUB, said, “We are excited to be involved in such a fantastic community initiative bringing women together. It’s so very important for our village and for the mental health benefits of individuals that we group together as a collective to inspire others’ creativity.”

Local business, Seven Districts Coffee will be supporting the neighbourhood social enterprise by working with Nettleham Community HUB and providing a venue space for the events to commence. Seven Districts will open during the sessions and are available to take food and beverage orders for members of the group to enjoy.

Purdie, said, “You do not need to be a working professional, this isn’t a hard-core networking event…We like to have a laugh and not take the sessions too seriously so bring your fine-self and let’s collaborate!”

Annabelle Marshall, General Manager of Seven Districts Coffee expressed, “We are so pleased to be able to make a difference to somebodies day-to-day by collaborating with Prikli Pear with its vision for the creative female networking group, Stitch & B*tch. We are excited to partner with Nettleham Community HUB to be one of the main venues for the meet-ups and various events.”

Meet-up dates have been released up until the end of the year. LIMITED SPACES are available, you must have booked a spot via to attend.

  • 21st September 2022, 9am-11am
  • 12th October 2022, 9am-11am
  • 25th October 2022, 9am-11am
  • 9th November 2022, 9am-11am
  • 23rd November 2022, 9am-11am

To view more creative events and workshops during the evenings and weekends, visit Prikli Pear’s events page. 

If you aren’t ready to turn up to a meet-up then you can engage with the community online via the Facebook group or if you need some more information, please email Jess on and she will do her best to support you.

Purdie, said, “No enquiry is silly – fire away. I got you babe.”

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